Bookkeeping lays the foundation of a solid business framework. Without accuracy in reporting there is no way to provide honest feedback and build reliable blueprints for the future of the business. The sooner a business can rely on the books, the sooner the business can grow.

Let’s Start Today
  • We will reduce the problematic translations from book to tax

  • An impression will be taken of your business for a structured time period

  • The accounts will be customized to your business

  • We will fit you with the tools to understand your operations

  • You will come in again knowing your books

We also regularly provide unaudited financial statements as needed for the business. Understanding business operations today is the first step in building a better future tomorrow.

Taxes & Planning

Approaching taxes without a plan can spell disaster for cash flow. We provide certainty at tax time by providing a solid plan for the year. The business tax returns are included with our monthly service packages so no need to worry about added expenses during tax-time.

Let’s Plan Together
  • By having a full understanding of the year, we will be able to file on-time

  • Integrating with us we will make the process easy and seamless


Yes! Every business, regardless of entity type or whether or not they had a profit or a loss, must file a tax return.

Yes, but this practice could have tax implications. The expenses must be properly tracked and accounted for. A qualified business expense is anything that is “ordinary and necessary” to run the business. For more information, check out Publication 334.

Simply put, the Profit & Loss statement is not cash flow. Repayment of debt and other items of the Balance Sheet are not reported on the Profit & Loss statement.