We Have You Covered

Our team will make every effort to prevent any letters or notices from the IRS or state. However, notices and letters from these authorities may be necessary when they need additional information. The IRS will ONLY notify you through letters and will NEVER call you. When a you receive a notice or letter, you are not alone. Depending on their request, it can be a simple submission or something more complicated. We offer you FULL representation before the IRS. You will no longer need to know how to talk to the IRS, we will.


Yes, there is a reason the IRS has requested a response and it will not take care of itself without you being involved.

The IRS expects you to be fully knowledgeable in the tax law and all released publications and updates.  They have many different departments and representatives each specialized in that area so you will need to call the right person.

This depends on whom you call.  Sometimes you may experience several dropped calls before you even have the chance to speak with a representative.